EZOTERIA - CHIMERA SWEATER - Knitwear - Handcrafted Merinos Sweater with Alebrije Mirror Effect Handmade Embroidery

Oscar Mendoza

This exquisite piece is  a creative take on the "Oversize" sweater, it features a mirror effect Alebrije-Chimera embroidery, it is a real statement piece as well as a casual look with a little bit of streetwear-like style

This sweater is made of italien merinos wool and its embroidery is made of chenille thread and it is completely embroidered by hands in a local knitting atelier in Montreal, Canada 

This unique piece must be in your wardrobe, it is very versatile, fits the taste of the contemporary man or woman as well as all the Non-binary out there, it is simply a piece of wearable art 

The Alebrijes are creatures dreamt and created  by a Mexican artist. It is said that when he was very sick in bed with fever, he woke up saying that  in his dreams he was in an enchanted forest full of hybrid creatures. He saw mixed creatures that shared the bodies of different animals, he saw a donkey with butterfly wings or a snake with the legs of a bird .... he then created Alebrijes 

All Models are wearing a size M. Male models are 5'11 (blond) and 6'2 (Dark hair), Female model is 5'9 

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Size Guide

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